How It Works

dentist124We know that patient care is your number 1 priority. Now there is an affordable way to have your healthcare staff focus on taking care of your office responsibilities and still ensure that your patients are reminded of their upcoming appointments. With our Automatic Patient Appointment Reminder Service, we collect your customers data including the patient’s name, appointment date, time and telephone number. Rather than use an annoying robotic voice, our system uses a natural real human voice to remind them about their upcoming appointment by either an automated telephone call, SMS text message or non spam email. Patients can confirm their appointments or choose to reschedule. This process significantly reduces the number of patient no-shows and when patients reschedule it allows your practice to service other patients more efficiently. The low monthly cost of the service offers a generous ROI.  


Data Collection

Website Entry

Your staff member will log into our secure server where a custom web page built on your company profile collects the patient appointment date, telephone number and any other required information. This unique form is designed so that the information is collected in a matter of seconds with a few clicks of your mouse and keyboard. On the requested date, our automated system will process the call, send the text message, deliver the email or all three.


Click here to see web interface example:

Spreadsheet Entry

Simply upload or email to us a spreadsheet containing the information regarding patients to be reminded. Let’s say you extract or print an excel file from your medical or dental records program. Your staff member will send us only the required information nessesary to notify your patients of their appointment time and date, and if your spreadsheet contains additional information, our system will extract the relevant data and send reminders based on that information.


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Database Integration

Our system is compatible with any system that can produce a delimited ASCII file containing the date and time of appointment and the patients phone number. Currently a majority of scheduling software systems have this simple functionality available. ASAP Reminder collects this exported file and uses it to make reminder calls.

Now direct integration available for:
Dentrix G4, Dentrix 11, OpenDental, EagleSoft, OrthoTrac, Eclipse Medical, Eclipse Physical Therapy, Eclipse Chiropractic, Clinic Pro, QuickPractice, Chiro8000, MediSoft, Office Hours Pro, AltaPoint, Therapist Helper, Propertyware, and virtually all software where you can export appointment data to text/CSV format.

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Reminder Notifications

Voice Calls

Our automated voice processing system will make daily calls to your patients reminding them, in a real human voice, of the date and time of their upcoming appointment. The patient will be offered the option to confirm the appointment by pressing a button on their telephone keypad, or opt to reschedule their appointment by pressing a different key.  If the reminder takes place during business hours, the patient is transferred to your office where they can speak to a live staff member to reschedule. After hours the patient is offered to leave a voice mail message that will be delivered to an email address provided in your company profile.
Many reminder services are unsuccessful because they make their calls from a blocked telephone number or a number that is not recognized by the patient, and often those calls go unanswered. ASAP Reminder calls display the telephone number of your office, inviting the patient to receive the call. Calls that reach an answering machine or a voice mail greeting, our system will leave a message that includes the name of your practice as well as the appointment date and time. These calls will be included in your daily report as ANSWER MACHINE – REMINDED


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Text Messaging

86% of consumers send or receive a text message every week.  95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. In addition to a voice call, our system can also send an SMS text message to the patients mobile telephone, when that option is made available. Patients are presented with an option to confirm their appointment by replying to the text message. SMS text message replies are stored in our database and a result summary is included in our daily report.
Most customer profiles indicate that the patients are reminded 1-2 days prior to the appointment. In addition a 2nd reminder can be delivered via text message a few hours before the appointment time.


Email Messaging

When an email address is made available, these reminders are sent to your patient. Our emails are designed so they do not appear to be spam or contain keywords that increase the chance that they will be rejected by the distant email server.  Patients are presented with an option to confirm their appointment by replying to the email message. Outgoing email open or not open status as well as read or not read status will be included in your daily report.



Reports And Confirmation

1352675227_pie_chartDaily Report

Our reports are delivered over night via fax or email and include a summary of the results of the telephone call or details the delivery of the SMS message.


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